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What’s That Smell in Your Bathroom?

December 1, 2019

Your bathroom is probably already a font of unpleasant odors without adding plumbing problems to the mix—that’s just the nature of the human body. However, if you notice a foul odor lingering long after you last flushed, that could indicate a plumbing problem. The best way to eliminate bad odors in the bathroom and toilet smells is to evaluate what the smell is like, which will help you figure out the source of the problem. If it seems a little above your pay grade, be sure to call the friendly team at Rooter Express. We’re happy to help 24/7, whether... View Article

Do I Need a Sewer Line Camera Inspection?

November 15, 2019

If your pipes are operating slowly, that can be frustrating—but calling an experienced plumber can help. Thanks to technology, your plumber can perform a sewer line camera inspection that will help pinpoint the source of the problem. Whether your plumbing issues are caused by tree roots, clogs, cracks or other issues, a sewer line camera inspection can be a great help. When do I need a sewer line camera inspection? If your plumbing is constantly backing up or clogging, or you’re experiencing other issues on a regular basis, it’s time for a sewer line camera inspection. Sometimes prospective homeowners will... View Article

How to Stop Your Toilet from Continuously Running

November 1, 2019

If your toilet is constantly running, how can you help but worry? Malfunctioning plumbing can be minor, but on the off chance that it’s a sign of a deeper issue, it’s smart to call a plumber as soon as possible. Constantly leaking or running toilets can lead to much higher water bills—and lead to bigger issues down the line. Try these tips to solve the problem, and if you run into trouble, be sure to call Rooter Express for help. How toilets work When you flush your toilet, water fills the tank and lifts a float that helps determine when... View Article

What to Expect During a Visual Septic Tank Inspection

October 15, 2019

When you need a septic tank inspection, you’ll usually have the option to choose between a visual inspection and a full septic tank inspection. But what actually goes into a visual septic tank inspection? During a full septic tank inspection, the tank is pumped, while a visual inspection just goes over the basics to make sure the tank is working. If you’re buying or selling a home, a full septic tank inspection is the better option—in fact, you should have one done every three to five years. This will keep your septic system healthy and extend its lifespan as much... View Article

What to Expect During a Full Septic Tank Inspection

October 1, 2019

When you buy or sell a home with a septic tank, a full septic tank inspection is part of the package. But you should hire a plumbing contractor to do a full septic tank inspection every three to five years—it’s the best chance of catching problems before they become particularly expensive. There are two types of septic inspections: visual and full. Visual encompasses asking the owner some questions about the functioning plumbing and observing whether or not it appears to be working properly, while a full septic inspection digs a bit deeper. What happens during a full septic tank inspection... View Article

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