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Summertime Problems That Can Be Prevented with Our Routine Maintenance

June 9, 2021

Summer plumbing issues pose their own unique set of challenges. If you keep up on your regular plumbing maintenance, you’re less likely to have your summer fun interrupted by clogged pipes or overflowing toilets. Here’s what you might be able to prevent when you stay on top of your plumbing maintenance: Sprinkler problems: You usually don’t need to run your sprinklers as often in the winter, whether your plants are dormant or there’s sufficient rain to keep them happy. The summer heat, however, means that your yard needs a lot more TLC than usual. Plus, the increased mowing schedule and... View Article

Four Reasons to Hire a Plumber

May 25, 2021

When something goes wrong with your home’s plumbing system, you want to do what you can to solve the problem as quickly as possible. While DIY plumbing might seem like a good option to save some time and money by avoiding the cost of professional plumbing repairs, the reality is that it’s usually smarter to hire a professional plumber for most projects. Keep reading to learn why it’s so important to hire a plumber in Conway, SC. Why it’s important to hire a plumber Even though it might be tempting to do DIY plumbing repairs to save money on professional... View Article

When You Should Upgrade Your Water Heater

May 11, 2021

Water heaters are essential appliances in any home, so it’s important to make sure they’re kept in good working condition. Unfortunately, all water heaters must eventually be repaired or replaced due to wear, tear or damage. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for signs that it’s time to upgrade your water heater. When is the right time to upgrade your water heater in Conway, SC? Keep reading to find out. When is it the right time to upgrade your water heater? Upgrading to a new water heater can have a lot of benefits,... View Article

Septic Maintenance Tips for Spring

April 22, 2021

While spring usually brings thoughts of warmer weather and the rebirth of nature, it should also remind you that it’s time to take care of your septic tank. Those who rely on septic tanks know that it’s important for the system to be in good working order. Hitting that to-do list during spring means your septic tank will be operating at its peak level of performance throughout the summer—and won’t require expensive repairs. The next time you’re looking for plumbing repair in Conway, SC, trust the expert team at Rooter Express. Here are our leading tips on how to make... View Article

When Should I Replace My Toilet Fill Valve?

April 8, 2021

The fill valve on a standard toilet is a tube with a shutoff valve that’s connected to the water supply through a connection at the base of the toilet. The air-filled ball or cup is connected to the valve and floats inside the tank, shutting off the valve at the point where the water reaches a certain level. Fill valves do deteriorate over time, so it’s good to know when you might need to replace one. Are you wondering if you need this particular type of plumbing repair in Conway, SC? Read on to find out whether your toilet’s fill... View Article

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