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Garbage Disposal Won’t Turn On?

July 1, 2022

Why isn’t my garbage disposal working? Many homeowners have dealt with a garbage disposal that won’t turn on in their properties. There is no doubt that garbage disposal issues seem to have consistently increased over the years. That is why there are very many individuals who are currently struggling with their properties. Some individuals struggle to understand why their garbage disposal won’t turn on, which brings some major challenges. Here are some of the reasons why your garbage disposal won’t turn on.  1. Garbage Disposal Clogs As you will learn, one of the reasons why your garbage disposal might not be... View Article

Signs Your Garbage Disposal Is Failing

August 5, 2021

Whoever thought up the idea for a garbage disposal ought to be considered for some kind of special award. While it’s perfectly possible to live without one, once you have lived with the convenience of a garbage disposal, it can be difficult to imagine life any other way. It’s a life-changing kitchen appliance that is often taken for granted. That’s why at the first sign that it’s not working right, the first thing that pops into our heads is often something like, “Oh no, is my garbage disposal broken?” But fear not—there are easy fixes to many common problems with... View Article

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