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3 Ways To Tell You Have Frozen Pipes

January 13, 2023

Are my pipes frozen? Frozen pipes are a common occurrence during the winter months. Dealing with frozen pipes can be a headache, especially when temperatures begin to plummet. It is important for you to recognize the signs of frozen pipes because if they happen to burst, it can cost you a lot in repairs. Continue reading to learn the signs to look out for that will help you identify whether your pipes are frozen. Signs of Frozen Pipes Here are some clear indicators that you have frozen pipes in your home. Leaks Not only will you notice leaks, but your... View Article

5 Tips for a Successful Plumbing Installation

January 10, 2023

A home plumbing system often looks mysterious — a confusing and complex system of pipes. However, understanding plumbing installation can help you fix most of your plumbing issues, saving you money, time, and trouble. So, how does plumbing installation work?  Read on to learn more. 1. Sump Pump  A sump pump should drain water safely away from your house. If installed incorrectly, it can cause foundation issues, mold, and leakage in your basement. No matter where the water settles, it can begin to warp wood and cause rot and mold growth. Fortunately, a sump pump is equipped to help prevent water leakage... View Article

Are Flushable Wipes Safe To Use?

November 2, 2022

Here at Rooter Express, we understand that no one is terribly excited about having to call our team to come and help them with a plumbing issue. We get that people don’t want to have that headache in their life, and we want to be there to support them in avoiding too many plumbing issues in the future. This is why we answer all of their questions with the best possible information. One topic that gets a lot of mention is flushable wipes.  Can I Use Flushable Wipes?  You have surely heard that there are certain items that you should... View Article

Why Does My Bathroom Smell Like the Sewer?

November 2, 2022

My bathroom smells terrible! If this sounds like you, it is obvious that you are trying to figure out why the issue persists. Your air freshener will not cover up a sewage smell, at least not permanently. The good news is that you can eliminate the sewage smell in your bathroom once you find out the cause of the sewage smell in your bathroom. Reasons Your Bathroom Smells Like Sewage There are several reasons for a sewage smell in bathroom. Continue reading to find out what they are. The Drain in Tub The first place you should investigate is the drain... View Article

How Do I Know If I Have A Broken Sewer Line?

October 1, 2022

Not all homes are on a public sewer line, but those that are need to be careful to pay attention to potential sewer line breaks. Knowing what to look for can help you be aware and keep your home safe from potential water damage. There are plenty of signs that you can look for, and we will help you identify them. Signs of a Broken Sewer Line The first, and most obvious, sign that there is something amiss with your sewer line is that you can smell the sewer. Your sewer line is supposed to take all the waste away from... View Article

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