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When Should I Replace My Toilet Fill Valve?

April 8, 2021

The fill valve on a standard toilet is a tube with a shutoff valve that’s connected to the water supply through a connection at the base of the toilet. The air-filled ball or cup is connected to the valve and floats inside the tank, shutting off the valve at the point where the water reaches a certain level. Fill valves do deteriorate over time, so it’s good to know when you might need to replace one. Are you wondering if you need this particular type of plumbing repair in Conway, SC? Read on to find out whether your toilet’s fill... View Article

Why Is My Water Softener Leaking?

March 18, 2021

Your water softener is responsible for removing harsh materials from your water, resulting in smoother water flow through pipes, less scale buildup and many more benefits. A leaky water softener might look worse than it is, so it’s important not to panic. Some water softener leaks can be easily fixed, while others might require extensive repairs. If you’ve noticed a leak in your water softener, it’s best to contact a professional plumbing repair company in Conway, SC right away. They can quickly diagnose the issue and give you an estimate on a repair. Check the resin tank Water softener resin... View Article

Plumbing Problems That Occur in Spring

March 4, 2021

With those cold winter months finally giving way to a warm spring, it’s important that your plumbing system is properly prepared. There are several plumbing issues that occur frequently during spring, including leaks in pipes, low water pressure and indoor flooding. These and other issues can be prevented with proper maintenance. If you are experiencing trouble with your plumbing, it’s important to take care of the problem fast. Contact a reputable plumbing repair company in Conway, SC as soon as possible. Leaks in pipes Leaky pipes are a common problem year-round, but they’re an especially common problem in spring because... View Article

Why Does My Tub Faucet Leak When the Shower Is On?

February 23, 2021

If you own a shower/tub combination instead of a walk-in shower stall, you may have noticed that the tub faucet leaks when water is coming from the showerhead. It might be a small trickle of water, or it could be gallons that rob the showerhead of water pressure. Either way, your tub faucet leaking during a shower in Conway, SC is a nuisance. The reason for the annoying leak has to do with a faulty diverter valve—the shower part that redirects water from the tub faucet up to the showerhead when you pull up on the spout knob. Continue reading... View Article

Common Plumbing Problems in Beach Homes

February 9, 2021

Owning a beach house means you always have a relaxing place to escape to and a home to entertain your friends and family. Unfortunately, beach houses never come without their fair share of problems, especially if they’re on the older side of things. This post will cover a few of the summer plumbing problems beach homeowners in Conway, SC need to prepare for: Sand down the drain: Taking a shower after a day on the beach is a must. All of that sand has to go somewhere—and it’s most likely going to wash down your drain. To prevent this issue,... View Article

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