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Ways To Conserve Water

May 6, 2022

Even in regions where it seems abundant, water conservation has become necessary. That is because water resources are limited, and they are becoming scarcer every year.  Why Conserve Water? Water conservation, besides saving money on utility bills, assists in preventing pollution of water in nearby rivers, lakes, and local watersheds. Moreover, water conservation averts greenhouse gas emissions linked to the treatment and distribution of water. Additionally, conserving water can extend the life span of the septic system by minimizing soil saturation and pollution due to leakages. Congesting the sewer systems can cause raw sewage to flow to rivers and lakes.... View Article

What Are Some Common Causes of High Water Bills?

January 6, 2022

One of the most common questions we receive from our customers is, “Is my leaky toilet running up my water bill?” It’s true that there can be issues with a leaky toilet or sink causing higher water bills. However, these are not the only factors that lead to higher water bills. Understanding these common causes can help you determine when you need to make repairs to your plumbing and the steps you can take to save money on your water bills. Here’s a quick look at some of these common causes: Leaking toilets: Toilets that have a leak or continue... View Article

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Tips for Saving Water Throughout Your Home

April 17, 2019

Although a large portion of Earth is covered by water, we don’t have an infinite amount of water to use each day. Conserving water is important, both for the planet and for our wallets. The average American doesn’t think twice about how much water they use in a given day, but with a little bit of attention, we could all conserve a lot more water and lower our utility bills in the process. Here are some great tips for how you can reduce your water usage through daily habits and plumbing services: Be mindful of the tap: One of the... View Article

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