Finding the Right Water Heater

June 29, 2019

A new water heater for your home is a big investment. For some homeowners, it’s one of those non-optional expenses that springs up due to age or damage. So, what do you need to know before investing in new water heater installation? Here are some questions to ask a plumbing company.

Should you get a traditional or a tankless water heater?

The first thing everyone asks when they need a replacement water heater is whether they should buy a tankless water heater or a traditional water heater, which are the two main kinds of units. One is not better than the other, and they each have their own advantages and disadvantages. The answer here is that the best type of water heater varies from person to person. Factors like household size and the amount of daily water usage will play a role in your decision making. Give this information, your budget and other needs to your plumber, and see what they suggest.

What size tank do you recommend for my home?

The right size water heater for you depends on the size of your home and family unit. Take the number of people living in your house, account for regular visitors and your average hot water usage on a daily basis, then review the specs on a few highly-rated residential water heaters. Households with only one or two people don’t need an especially large one—this will only waste energy and money. However, a family of five or seven that wants hot water all the time should get a big water heater.

Will I be stuck with the old unit?

Most of the time, any reputable and experienced plumbing company will haul away your old water heater after you purchase and have them install a new one. They will make sure your tank is disposed of properly and safely according to applicable regulations. If this haul-away service is not offered up front, the plumbing company might charge you an extra fee to do so.

Who does the installation and how long does it take?

The only person who should be installing water heaters is a licensed plumber. Replacing the tank can be a difficult and dangerous job for someone who is not trained. A pro can complete the job more quickly and correctly without causing issues, but how long does installation take? On average, a certified plumber can remove the old unit and install the new one in approximately three hours, assuming there are no unforeseen obstacles.

Is a warranty included in my new purchase?

A brand-new water heater installed by a professional plumber should not have problems anytime soon. That said, you want to be protected in the event the system fails early on. Warranties up to five years and extended warranties can cover part malfunctions and damage.

Now that you are more informed about water heaters and installation service, your next move should be to choose a traditional or tankless water heater for your home. Call the experts at Rooter Express today for more information or to schedule an appointment!

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