Smart and Easy Solutions to Common Summer Plumbing Problems

June 15, 2019

Summer is a time for outdoor barbecues and fun in the sun with family and friends. Is your house the go-to place for gatherings? While everyone loves that you host, having a lot of people over can wreak havoc on your home’s plumbing system. Dozens of toilet flushes in one afternoon, the garbage disposal being used as a trash can, sinks turning on and off every few minutes—even the newest of new plumbing systems can suffer from operational overload over time. But the possibility of plumbing issues shouldn’t stop you from entertaining this summer. Take precautions and host away!

If you find yourself neck-deep in a water related situation, don’t wait long to reach out to an experienced company for plumbing services. But since it’s good to be in the know ahead of time, here are the most common summer plumbing problems and how to prevent them.

Clogged toilets

Between the kids being home on summer break from school and overnight guests from out of town, there’s no doubt that your bathrooms will see more action in the coming months. Your toilets will be used more regularly throughout summer, which means some precautions may be necessary. Teach kids not to use too much toilet paper at a time or flush empty toilet bowls “for fun,” and leave notes in bathrooms reminding guests to keep trash (paper towels, feminine care products, tissues, etc.) out of the toilet.

Washing machine woes

Your washing machine may get extra workout sessions this summer, especially if you have kids home for the summer. There will be more laundry to wash, meaning more water coming in through pipes and more stress on your washer. The best thing you can do is practice preventative maintenance and call a pro if your machine begins to act wonky.

Jammed kitchen drains and disposals

Garbage disposals are more likely to jam up during the summer months and holidays. Having people over for meals is great, but not everyone knows to scrape scraps into the trash bin before rinsing their dishes in the kitchen sink. Foods like oils, fat, bones, fruit pits, starchy ingredients and fibrous vegetables can quickly coagulate or get stuck, clogging drains and disposals. To prevent clogs, run cold water while the disposal is on, and leave it on for a few seconds to ensure any remaining food particles are cleared away.

Sewer line backups

Of all the most requested summertime plumbing services, help with sewer line backups takes the cake. Sewer line issues can be caused by heavy household water use, or even summer rain showers or thunderstorms—excess rainwater can get into sewer pipes through cracks, backing them up severely. Signs you need to call a plumber include toilet water backing up in the tub drain or water from any water fixture spewing out into your living spaces.

If you find yourself in need of plumbing services in this summer, don’t hesitate to call Rooter Express. Any concerns warrant a call. Whatever your plumbing problem may be, our professional plumbers are ready to come fix it!

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