Can I Use Toilet Cleaning Products for My Septic Tank?

September 1, 2019

If you’ve never had a septic system before, you’re probably unfamiliar with the unique, specific requirements they entail. Instead of your waste and wastewater going to a municipal wastewater treatment plant, it’s directed into a septic tank on your property where the water and waste are separated, and the water is released into the ground. That’s why it’s important to use septic safe toilet products—if you don’t, harmful chemicals could leach into the groundwater and poison the ecosystem.

Safe products for your septic system

In addition to using septic safe toilet products, you should endeavor to use them in all areas of your household. When buying cleaning products, remember that everything you put into the water will end up in the groundwater later, and let that be your guide. Look for products that are advertised as 100 percent natural and biodegradable. Non-biodegradable chemicals can build up in the environment, rather than breaking down like natural ones will.

Another way to ensure you’re getting safe products for your septic system is to look for third-party certification from a reputable environmental company. Any company can claim their product is “green” or biodegradable, but their claims are often unsubstantiated. Organizations like the Environmental Working Group test cleaning products and verify that they will actually live up to the claims on the packaging. That way, you can rest assured that your septic system won’t be responsible for harming the environment, thus negating a good deal of its appeal.

Keep in mind that some natural products, like hydrogen peroxide, still need to be diluted before introducing them to a septic system. White vinegar, borax and baking soda are all natural household cleaners that won’t harm the tank or the environment.

Products to avoid

Sometimes it’s easier to start with what you should avoid, in order to narrow down your options. Unfortunately, most toilet cleaners in the store won’t work with your system.

There are also a number of other items that should never go down your drains. When you have a septic system, avoid pouring oil, grease, pesticides, drain cleaners, chlorine bleach and gasoline down the drain. Solvents like paint thinner also need a different disposal method.

If you love flushable kitty litter, we’re sorry to say that it’s not compatible with a septic tank. Neither are bath oils or water softeners.

Although it might be an adjustment to make the switch to all-natural cleaning products, it’s a healthy, environmentally-conscious choice that will extend the lifespan of your septic system while preserving the ecosystem around you—which is always worth the trouble.

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