How to Stop Your Toilet from Continuously Running

November 1, 2019

If your toilet is constantly running, how can you help but worry? Malfunctioning plumbing can be minor, but on the off chance that it’s a sign of a deeper issue, it’s smart to call a plumber as soon as possible. Constantly leaking or running toilets can lead to much higher water bills—and lead to bigger issues down the line. Try these tips to solve the problem, and if you run into trouble, be sure to call Rooter Express for help.

How toilets work

When you flush your toilet, water fills the tank and lifts a float that helps determine when the tank is full, thus shutting off the water. When the water level is depleted, the process begins again. If your flapper isn’t showing any signs of leaks or cracks, you might be puzzled as to what could be the problem.

Sometimes, the problem is simply an issue of mineral buildup or sediment forming on the bottom of the flapper, preventing it from forming a seal. Water then leaks from the tank into the bowl, prompting the tank to refill—which can waste hundreds or even thousands of gallons of water over time. To test to see if this is the problem, pour some food dye into your tank—if the bowl winds up discolored, water is leaking from your tank.

How to fix a running toilet

Wondering what you need to do to fix your toilet when it’s constantly running? Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Look inside the tank: Check the tank to see if there are any obvious problems, such as foreign objects inside.
  2. Check the ball or float: The large object that stops water from flowing into the bowl is what can prevent your toilet from running properly. See if there is any debris hanging on to the bottom that might damage the seal. Wipe it off.
  3. Flush the toilet: Next, flush the toilet to see if the problem is solved. With any luck, it was simply a sealing issue.
  4. Adjust the flapper chain: Perhaps your issues are just a matter of a maladjusted flapper chain—adjust the length to allow the flapper to close completely.
  5. Replace the flapper: If nothing else has worked so far, you can try replacing the flapper. Be sure to turn off the water valve (located near the wall) before you replace the part, which should be available at any hardware store.
  6. Call a plumber: If all else fails, contacting a skilled plumber could be the answer to all of your problems. They’ll have a better idea of other factors that could be causing your toilet to run constantly.

Fix your constantly leaking or running toilet

You don’t have to live with a constantly leaking or running toilet—the team at Rooter Express can help you handle this and any other plumbing issue you may have. From regular maintenance to our 24/7 emergency services, we’re dedicated to making sure your plumbing works flawlessly. Call us today and see why our customers keep our number on speed dial.

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