Rerouting Water Lines from Under Concrete Slabs

June 12, 2020

Most people tend to think that concrete lends a sense of permanence to an area or a design, that once it’s poured, it’s settled and done. However, this is not true for every aspect of poured concrete. Sometimes, once a slab has been poured, it can be necessary at a later date to redirect or reroute water lines that are underneath them.

This is not a project to be undertaken lightly, as it can require a lot of time, effort and money, but in our quarter century in the business, Rooter Express has acquired quite a bit of knowledge about how to perform this job safely and efficiently. Plumbing services in Conway, SC are our specialty, and we’re proud to be a trusted partner when it comes to rerouting water lines under slabs.

Why would this be necessary?

Rerouting water lines from under slabs can be necessary for a number of reasons, but the most common factor that prompts it is the need for repair work to be done. Usually a water pipe has leaked under a slab, which means that you’re going to need to jackhammer into the slab to get at the pipes that need to be repaired. A leak is no big deal in and of itself when it comes to qualified plumbing service providers in Conway, SC, but the problem is accessing the leak. If it’s buried under a concrete slab, then you might have a real job on your hands.

Rerouting offers an alternative: you’re diverting the pipes overhead and abandoning the old pipeline rather than ripping up your slab.

What does rerouting water lines mean?

If you’re rerouting water lines from under slabs, then typically there’s a choice to be made concerning materials selection. Many people use PEX pipe, which is flexible, rather than traditional copper pipe to redirect water lines, and this is typically our approach at Rooter Express. This flexibility guarantees that the pipes can be moved into unorthodox positions with ease, which is often a key part of rerouting water lines.

Typically, rerouted pipes are sent up through the attic, especially in the case of hot water pipes, but this is actually not up to code in all states, so be sure your provider of plumbing services in Conway, SC is up to date on all applicable rules and regulations.

What else do I need to know?

One other thing you should keep in mind is that this job absolutely needs to be left up to professionals. Rerouting water lines is not a DIY project in any sense of the word, and it’s imperative that you work with qualified plumbing professionals. You can potentially create leaks and violate building codes if you take a crack at this job yourself, so be sure to consult with technicians who know their way around this type of project.

Rooter Express has been in the business for almost 25 years, and we’ve seen every plumbing challenge you can think of. We’ve helped many homeowners reroute their water lines from under concrete slabs, and would be happy to help you with the same project. Give us a call today and we can begin consulting with you about how to complete this project safely and affordably.

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