DIY Plumbing? Just Leave It to the Pros

July 12, 2020

When you’re a homeowner, you have to continually find ways to cut costs. You cut coupons. You mow your own lawn rather than hire a lawn care team. You clean out your gutters, so you don’t need to hire a roofer. Those menial chores are a great way to save cash. That said, you have to understand when it’s the right time to put down your toolbox and call in a professional.

Many homeowners go into DIY plumbing in Conway, SC thinking they’ll be able to take care of that clogged drain or that leaky faucet without a problem. Not so fast—a DIY plumbing project can go from zero to disaster without much trouble. If you’re considering taking on some DIY plumbing, think again.

In our decades in business, the pros at Rooter Express have answered emergency calls from a nearly endless number of people who thought they could handle a plumbing job and ended up making one of the following mistakes.

Don’t use drain cleaner

Easily the most common mistake homeowners make when trying to do their own plumbing is using drain cleaner. Not using too much drain cleaner—using it at all. By its nature, drain cleaner is extremely corrosive. It’s meant to eat through whatever is clogging your pipes to break it up and clear the drain. But drain cleaner doesn’t discriminate—it doesn’t take much for the drain cleaner to begin eating through your pipes.

The right way to clear any clog is with a plumber’s snake. You would be amazed at how cost-effective Rooter Express’s drain cleaning service can be. We’re in, we’re out and you save the time and potential costs of a corroded pipe.

Duct tape is not the solution

If you’re looking at a leaky pipe and you have a roll of duct tape in your hand, you’re not doing DIY plumbing in Conway, SC, correctly. While duct tape can be an enormously helpful solution to a lot of household problems, it doesn’t do well with running water, which means that even if you think you’ve solved your problem, you’ve really just postponed a fix. What’s more, the odds the cost of repairs will increase go up significantly. Put the duct tape down and call in pros at Rooter Express.

Keeping the water on

If you’re doing something minor, like replacing a washer on a leaky faucet, make sure you turn off the supply of water first. This is one of the most common plumbing mistakes that novices make in Conway, SC. Maybe they just forget, or perhaps they weren’t aware. Either way, leaving the water on while you’re working on the plumbing is a recipe for flooding and potential water damage.

Put your trust in us

Don’t waste your time with DIY attempts when it’s time to call a professional plumber in Conway, SC. Instead, call in the responsive, efficient pros at Rooter Express. We have more than 20 years of experience offering the best plumbing service in the Conway area. When you enlist our team, you’ll discover that you end up saving time and money when you solve minor problems with help from a professional. Give your house the care it deserves. Call Rooter Express today!

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