Why Are Bidets So Popular? Here’s a Look at Their Benefits

August 26, 2020

One of the side effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is that these strange times have forced many people to take a look at their homes in ways they might not have considered before. A combination of restlessness, boredom and curiosity has prompted a lot of us to try new things, and for many of us, this has even extended to fixtures in the bathroom.

Take bidets, for example. Some homeowners in Conway, SC might not even know what a bidet is, and that’s okay! Basically, it’s a device that uses a gentle stream of (sometimes heated) water to clean your body after you’ve used the toilet. While this can seem like a strange concept at first, you’ll be shocked at how quickly you get used to it—in fact, after some experience, you’ll probably find yourself preferring it to toilet paper.

Once regarded as exotic, bidets are making their way into more and more homes. During the pandemic, the benefits of bidets in Conway, SC are increasingly apparent. Homeowners report that their bidets leave them feeling cleaner and more refreshed than they expected, and also that they help them save on toilet paper.

Bidets and coronavirus

Now that we’re a good seven months into the pandemic, it can seem almost humorous to think back to March and recall the rush on toilet paper that defined the early days of COVID-19. The novel coronavirus and the popularity of bidets in Conway, SC have gone hand in hand—as toilet paper became increasingly scarce back in the springtime, people searched for acceptable alternatives. But beyond the initial need, many people who tried bidets for the first time quickly discovered they liked them, and what started out as a temporary fix turned into an attractive default option.

Benefits for everyone

The benefits of a bidet in Conway, SC go far beyond the most obvious. For example, they offer a comfortable alternative for seniors, people with limited mobility, pregnant women and more. In fact, pregnant women and those who have recently given birth can benefit from fewer cases of hemorrhoids, on top of the general feeling of cleanliness.

Even kids aren’t immune to the benefits of using a bidet. These devices help teach and promote good hygiene practices, and parents can rest easy knowing their kids are washing properly and avoiding itchiness, rashes and general discomfort.

Environmental benefits

One of the few positive points in the early part of 2020 was the reduction in carbon emissions resulting from so many of us working from home and having so many fewer cars on the road and planes in the air. Bidets are doing their part for the environment, too. Toilet paper manufacturing involves huge amounts of wood, water and electricity, and one of the biggest benefits of bidets in Conway, SC is that they’re such a green option.

Interested in installing a bidet (or several) in your home? The team at Rooter Express would love to help ensure your new device is hooked up properly and ready to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more or schedule an appointment!

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