Septic Maintenance Tips for Spring

April 22, 2021

While spring usually brings thoughts of warmer weather and the rebirth of nature, it should also remind you that it’s time to take care of your septic tank. Those who rely on septic tanks know that it’s important for the system to be in good working order. Hitting that to-do list during spring means your septic tank will be operating at its peak level of performance throughout the summer—and won’t require expensive repairs.

The next time you’re looking for plumbing repair in Conway, SC, trust the expert team at Rooter Express. Here are our leading tips on how to make sure your septic system operates without any problems this spring.

Why is it important to clean the septic system?

The fact is that keeping a clean septic tank means it will keep functioning for years to come. Think about it like you do your car: you need to replace the oil and get a tune-up on a regular basis, and the same goes for the septic tank.

Don’t neglect to perform maintenance on your septic system, as this means it will be more likely to need major repairs. Instead, make this part of your spring cleaning routine. The system should be cleaned and pumped, ideally during late spring. This is because this is the time of year when the ground conditions are best suited for this maintenance to be performed.

How often should a septic system be cleaned?

This depends on a range of factors related to how many people use the septic system, along with the family’s water usage habits. In most cases, a septic system should be cleaned once every two to five years. But for larger families or those with particularly heavy water usage, more frequent cleaning may be required.

Is there any way to avoid frequent cleanings?

Septic systems require cleaning due to the buildup of solid waste and sludge. So, for example, frequent overuse of toilet paper or the use of bulky toilet paper may require more frequent cleanings. Frequent or heavy use of laundry detergent may also cause more buildup. That’s because detergent is liable to kill the bacteria necessary to break down the waste.

Consider doing all the following to prevent the need for frequent cleanings:

  • Use toilet paper that breaks down easily in water. Thicker paper will take a longer time to dissolve.
  • Use less water whenever possible. Remember that all the water you use will go into the septic tank, requiring it to work harder.
  • Avoid the usage of garbage disposals as much as you can. Using the garbage disposal can increase the usage of the septic tank by a surprising extent.

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