When Should I Replace My Toilet Fill Valve?

April 8, 2021

The fill valve on a standard toilet is a tube with a shutoff valve that’s connected to the water supply through a connection at the base of the toilet. The air-filled ball or cup is connected to the valve and floats inside the tank, shutting off the valve at the point where the water reaches a certain level. Fill valves do deteriorate over time, so it’s good to know when you might need to replace one.

Are you wondering if you need this particular type of plumbing repair in Conway, SC? Read on to find out whether your toilet’s fill valve needs to be replaced.

Running toilet

A leaking flapper can be the cause of a toilet that constantly runs, as it slowly drains the tank and results in the fill valve running constantly. But a worn-out fill valve can cause the same problem to happen.

If you want to know which of these problems you’re facing, put some dye in the toilet tank and wait a few hours. If the water in the bowl hasn’t changed color, then the fill valve is to blame. This valve also handles the level of water in the tank, ensuring it doesn’t get too high.

Strange sounds

When the metal parts that make up a fill valve don’t open or close smoothly, this will result in strange sounds. The humming and screaming associated with this are related to the force of the water moving through the aperture.

This begins as a barely audible noise, but will get worse over time as the water does not move through as well as it should. Once the sound becomes an annoying scream, this means the metal parts are loose. This is another indication that it’s time for a new fill valve.

How to make the switch

It is possible to switch out a fill valve on your own. First, shut off the water, then empty the tank and disconnect the water supply. Then you’ll want to remove the old valve by taking off the retaining nut located under the tank with a set of adjustable pliers and lifting the piece out.

You’ll reverse this process to install the replacement toilet fill valve. To make sure the valve’s height is correct, follow all the directions on the replacement’s packaging. You can find universal toilet fill valves at most hardware stores. These do not include metal parts and should last for the lifetime of your toilet.

Of course, if this all sounds like a lot of difficult work, you’ll probably want to turn to the pros.

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