Common Summertime Water Heater Issues

June 23, 2021

Summertime water heater maintenance is important—otherwise, all that summer fun could be interrupted by the need for water heater repair. While water heaters tend to have more problems in the colder months, they can still break down in the summer. Although cold showers might feel a little better, your dishwasher and washing machine need hot water to function properly.

Here are some of the most common types of summertime water heater trouble:

  • Pilot light problems: Your pilot light can go out when the ambient temperature is hotter than the pilot light itself. This happens most frequently when the water heater is located in the attic. Since warm air rises, the pilot light may not be able to combust appropriately. Luckily, the solution is simple: improve the ventilation to increase airflow. However, you may decide to replace your entire water heater. If you have an attic unit, a burst water heater can leak all over your home and cause structural damage.
  • The water gets too hot: You might turn up the water temperature in the winter, which is a good way to keep the pipes and water heater at a manageable temperature. In the spring, however, it’s not necessary to keep the water so hot—and in the summer, it’s downright wasteful. Not only could you get scalded when taking a shower or washing the dishes, but the high temperatures can overwork the water heater. You might end up with a ridiculously high energy bill, or worse, a malfunctioning water heater. Avoid these problems by turning the thermostat down as soon as the temperatures are regularly above freezing. If you notice problems with your water heater, call a plumber as soon as possible.
  • Hot water shortage: Summer usually brings increased water usage, from extra showers to a lot more laundry and dishes. As a result, you might find that your water heater doesn’t seem to be up to the task of supporting your household. Unless you love ice-cold showers, chances are you’ll want to get this fixed right away. Luckily, the solution is fairly simple: you need a bigger water heater. Even if you don’t need as much water the rest of the year, there’s something to be said for never having to worry that taking a shower will feel like being pelted with icy needles. Plus, hot water is usually necessary to clean dishes properly, and keep your white laundry clean and fresh.
  • General maintenance problems: Finally, you may run into general maintenance problems. The increased water usage means that your water heater will get more of a workout than normal—and if you have hard water, that could mean a lot more sediment is building up in the tank. The solution is simple: a water heater flush will get rid of the sediment and keep your heater working normally.

When you have water heater trouble, the experts at Rooter Express are here to help. Reach out to us today to learn more about our services and schedule an appointment.

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