Summertime Problems That Can Be Prevented with Our Routine Maintenance

June 9, 2021

Summer plumbing issues pose their own unique set of challenges. If you keep up on your regular plumbing maintenance, you’re less likely to have your summer fun interrupted by clogged pipes or overflowing toilets. Here’s what you might be able to prevent when you stay on top of your plumbing maintenance:

  • Sprinkler problems: You usually don’t need to run your sprinklers as often in the winter, whether your plants are dormant or there’s sufficient rain to keep them happy. The summer heat, however, means that your yard needs a lot more TLC than usual. Plus, the increased mowing schedule and more people using the lawn can lead to broken sprinkler heads and other problems.
  • Clogged garbage disposals: The more you cook, the more likely it is that you’ll clog your garbage disposal. During the summer, many people find out the hard way that fruit pits, corn cobs, steak fat and other foods cannot go down the disposal. Make sure you know exactly what can be put down the drain, and pass that information on to your family, too.
  • Slow shower drains: When you spend a lot of time at the beach, the lake or even the park, you’re bound to track home more dirt, sand and other debris. When these go down your shower drain, it can lead to clogs or slow-draining tubs. Working with a plumber on routine maintenance will help you ensure that there’s nothing else contributing to your slow draining shower—and they can recommend good drain catchers to prevent more issues.
  • Washing machine problems: Hot temperatures outdoors means a lot more smelly, sweaty laundry to do. The increased loads in the summertime can put a strain on your washer. If you haven’t had your plumber come check out the washing machine in a while, you may find that the extra strain leads to cracked hoses and valves, imbalanced machines and other summer plumbing issues.
  • Flooded basements: How’s your sump pump functioning? If you don’t know, the next big summer storm could lead to a flooded basement. When you have a plumber perform routine maintenance, however, they’ll test your sump pump to make sure all systems are ready to go. That way, you’ll never walk downstairs to an unpleasant, moldy surprise.
  • Sewer line backups: Trees and plants flourish in summer sunshine, but that can also mean root intrusion in your sewer line. Regular maintenance helps homeowners avoid problems with their sewer line, like their trees choking the pipes.
  • Clogged toilets: Finally, an abundance of summer visitors can lead to clogged toilets—especially if you have small children around. Not only is your toilet subject to a heavier load than normal, but children are notorious for dropping toys and other non-flushable objects into the toilet. Stay ahead of the issue by getting regular maintenance.

Now that you know why you should get regular plumbing maintenance, it’s time to call your favorite local plumber for help. The team at Rooter Express is happy to serve you when you reach out today.

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