Seven Not-So-Subtle Signs You Need to Call a Plumber

July 20, 2021

A house’s plumbing system is very complex, regardless of the age of the home. If you’re noticing that the plumbing in your home isn’t functioning as it normally does, it could be something a minor DIY fix will be sufficient to solve, or it may be something more major that requires professional assistance. Here are seven not-so-subtle signs that you need to call your trusted SC plumber right away.

Poor water pressure

You depend on good water pressure for a refreshing shower, and any noticeable dip in water pressure may be the result of a clogged drain. Rely on Conway, SC drain cleaning experts to clear stubborn clogs and restore the water pressure in your home to the correct level.

Slow drains

Built-up hair and soap scum can clog individual sink or shower drains, but when you notice all the drains in your home are working slowly, it’s a major cause for concern. The usual culprit is a clog in the main sewer line, which is considered a plumbing emergency requiring immediate attention from a licensed plumbing professional.

Ceiling stains

How are brown spots on your ceiling related to plumbing? They’re one of the most common signs of water leakage. Call a plumber to discover the source of the leak and fix it before making any repairs to the ceiling.

Noisy pipes

You shouldn’t notice any sounds coming from your pipes aside from the occasional sound of rushing water. Rattling pipes are a sign of “water hammer,” which is a small shock wave caused by water abruptly changing direction. High water pressure, poorly secured pipes or flooded air chambers in your plumbing system can be the cause—contact a plumber to find out for sure.

Bad odors

Kitchen and bathroom bacteria can be smelly on its own, but persistent foul smells coming from the drains in your home can be the result of a block or break in the sewer line. Call a plumber to determine whether this is the case.

High water bills

If you haven’t been using your water significantly more than usual, a high water bill is a definite cause for alarm. It’s usually a sign that there are major leaks in one or more spots in your home’s plumbing system, which will require immediate attention.

Persistent toilet clogs

Clogged toilets are a common annoyance once in a while, but if you’re constantly working to clear clogs, it’s typically an indication that there’s a major issue with your plumbing system. Usually, a clogged sewer or a backed-up septic system is to blame, and both of these require professional attention to resolve.

From signs of water leakage to drains with stubborn clogs, there are a lot of common plumbing problems that require the level of plumbing expertise that only a licensed professional can provide. If you’re experiencing any of the situations described above, don’t wait to call an experienced plumber right away. Reach out to Rooter Express to learn more about common plumbing problems or to request emergency service.

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