What Causes Water Discoloration?

July 6, 2021

Have you noticed discolored water coming from the taps in your home? Whether you’ve turned on the water to take a shower or when getting ready to cook, tap water discoloration is an unsettling experience when the water flowing into your home takes on a strange hue. Read on to get to know the causes behind why your water has turned color.

Red water

If the water coming out of your taps is taking on a reddish tone, rust and other minerals have made their way into your water. The usual culprit for ruddy water is found in the home’s pipes. Older homes typically have pipes made from galvanized iron or steel, and they have a protective coating that wears down over time. When the coating leaves the underlying iron or steel bare, it starts to rust, and the water will gradually pick up more rust if the problem isn’t addressed. Don’t wait to schedule plumbing repairs from your local SC professionals, since the solution to this problem requires brand-new piping made with non-rusting metal.

Green water

It’s always a shock to see green water coming out of your home’s faucets. Green water is usually the result of one of two scenarios:

  • Algae buildup: The most common cause of green water is algae buildup in your home’s plumbing. Algae are organic microbes that are typically caused by a blockage in a filter or in your pipes. It takes an experienced plumber to determine the location of the blockage as well as the best method of clearing it.
  • Copper pipes: Copper is potentially harmful to humans when ingested in large quantities, and green water discoloration coming from your taps can be a result of the breakdown of copper pipes in your plumbing system. One easy way to determine whether green water discoloration is the result of failing copper pipes is a noticeable stain in sinks and tubs from the residue of the minerals. Failing copper pipes need to be replaced as soon as possible—reach out to your trusted plumbing professional in Conway, SC to get it handled immediately.

Yellow water

Yellow water indicates a problem with your city’s water supply. Whether your city’s conducting an annual flushing program or is making repairs to a local water main or nearby fire hydrant, yellow water usually goes away once the repairs have been made. If the problem persists, contact your water company to inform them of the issue.

Pink water

Water can take on some other surprising colors, including shocking pink. Pink water is usually the result of potassium permanganate, which is added during water treatment. Water treatment plants usually remove the permanganate by flushing the distribution system, but there are times where some can reach your tap. Run your water for a short period and it should clear up, but contact your water supplier if the issue persists.

If the water coming from your faucets is anything but crystal clear, you need the help of a professional plumbing company in Conway, SC. Only an experienced plumber can make the types of repairs required to restore your water from contaminated to clean. Contact Rooter Express today to learn more about the causes and solutions when you have discolored water issues at your home.

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