Five Wintertime Plumbing Maintenance Items for Your To-Do List

December 20, 2021

We’re reaching the coldest part of the year. While it’s always a good idea to do some preparation before the winter season with your plumbing infrastructure, there are still steps you can take to make sure your plumbing stays in good condition for the rest of the season as the mercury stays at its yearly low levels.

Here are five simple tips for winter prep for water pipes that you can take to keep your plumbing in good condition:

  • Look for leaks: This is a step you can take throughout the year, really. It’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for signs of potential leaks from your plumbing infrastructure. Check all of your faucets and shower heads and note any signs of low water pressure. If you see leaks anywhere in your plumbing, get them repaired as soon as possible, as small leaks can quickly add up to a lot of wasted water (and money).
  • Inspect your pipes: Even if you don’t find any leaks in your pipes, there are other benefits to inspecting them. The winter can be very tough on water pipes, especially if they’re not properly insulated. When pipes get cold enough, the water inside could freeze and result in burst pipes, which can in turn cause massive, expensive damage in a home. Inspect your pipes to determine which ones are most vulnerable and need some additional insulation in the form of wraps, padding or blankets.
  • Disconnect exterior hoses: This is something you should do as soon as the weather starts to get close to freezing. If you haven’t already done it, you should do it as soon as possible. Hoses can freeze and break if they’re left outside during cold temperatures. Remove the hoses from your exterior faucets and store them for the winter inside a garage, basement or shed that has some level of temperature control. Be sure to shut off your exterior faucets as well.
  • Keep your house at a reasonable temperature: It can be tempting to lower the thermostat during the winter to save some money on your heating and electricity, but you need to maintain a certain level of warmth to keep your pipes in good shape. You should never let your house drop below 55 degrees, or even 60, just to be safe. When you will be leaving the house for an extended period, keep the heat running so the pipes do not freeze while you are gone.
  • Watch the sinks: You should always be careful about what you put down the drain or the garbage disposal, but this is especially the case during the winter, when clogs can get worsened by potential freezes. Properly dispose of all garbage and grease and do your best to keep your drains clear.

For more information about what you can do for wintertime plumbing maintenance when it comes to preparing your water pipes, we encourage you to contact the team at Rooter Express with any questions. We look forward to helping ensure your whole plumbing system serves you well all season long!

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