6 Smart & Easy Solutions to Summer Plumbing Problems

March 9, 2022

Most people don’t think about their plumbing until something goes wrong. The plumbing in your home is out of sight and generally out of mind. Some issues can cause you plumbing woes in the summer months. Read on to find out how to avoid them completely.


Kitchen Issue: The Garbage Disposal

Warm weather brings many types of delicious produce in the form of veggies and fruits. Some of the items can be very taxing on your garbage disposal, though. Taking a few precautions can help you not clog your garbage disposal or the drain in your kitchen sink.

We all know not to put used cooking oils or grease down the drain. It can solidify and stop up your garbage disposal and your drain too.

Backyard barbecues and picnics are more common in warmer weather. Corn cobs and husks shouldn’t go into the garbage disposal and neither should your greasy bones from your grilled ribs or other meats.

The more firm types of produce, such as watermelon rinds and carrots should also be avoided from being in your garbage disposal. These types of items are better to put in the garbage can.

It also can help to run cold water into your disposal about 15 seconds before and after you use it. This can help clear out any debris that is stuck in between the blades.

Bathroom Issue: Do Staycations Cause Clogs?

When your kids are back from college or out of school for summer break, the toilets in your home get a real workout. This can lead to a toilet backing up and a real mess on the floor. Tell your family to only use as much toilet paper as is really needed. If they must use more, then flush the toilet and finish their business and flush it again. Remind kids what shouldn’t be put in the toilet. For small kids, it’s usually toys that cause a problem or any other non-waste items.

Washing Machine Woes

In the summer, a family generally goes through more clothes as well. They may wear a swimsuit and then change into clothing or need to change their clothes because they got dirty or sweaty. It’s a good idea to have a plumbing expert check out your washer before summer arrives. He can check all the hoses for any cracks, bulges or leaks which need repairs or replacement.

It’s also best to stay home while the washer is running so you can stop it in the case of a water leak and pull the washer forward a bit so it isn’t touching the wall to prevent hose kinks.

Hot Water Heater: Do Summer Showers Tax Your Hot Water Heater?

The extra laundry in the summer and the extra showers can overwork your water heater. Water heaters generally last around ten years. If your water heater is this age or older, it’s a good idea to have a professional inspect it for leaks. You can also check the temperature setting and turn it down to 120 degrees F to save on some electricity but still have all the hot water your family needs.

Lawn Issues: Sprinkler Heads

Summer is when your lawn is actively growing, and it needs mowing. If you have an in-ground sprinkler system, be watchful not to run over a sprinkler head. Or, if someone else does your lawn work for you, make sure to tell them where the sprinkler heads are.

Tree Roots Are the Culprits

Tree roots spread out underground to locate water. Unfortunately, the water they find is often in your underground sewer lines for drainage. This can damage and block your sewer lines just as an excess of rain showers can. It’s a good idea to have your sewer serviced before the summer months to avoid these issues.

Trust the Plumbing Professionals

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