How Do I Know If I Have A Broken Sewer Line?

October 1, 2022

Not all homes are on a public sewer line, but those that are need to be careful to pay attention to potential sewer line breaks. Knowing what to look for can help you be aware and keep your home safe from potential water damage. There are plenty of signs that you can look for, and we will help you identify them.

Signs of a Broken Sewer Line

The first, and most obvious, sign that there is something amiss with your sewer line is that you can smell the sewer. Your sewer line is supposed to take all the waste away from your home and you should not be able to smell it. If you go out into the yard and you can smell the sewer, you may have a sewer line break. Another thing you can look for is backed-up water. When you have a clog in the sewer line, it is going to back the water up into the home and is going to make it hard to use your water at all.

The next thing to look for is changes in your lawn. If the lawn is very green and lush and you have not done anything extra to help make it look better, you may be dealing with a sewer break where sewage is getting into the yard and fertilizing the yard. Similarly, you may also be noticing a lot of water in the yard and a flooded lawn. Still another thing to look for is mold and mildew that you did not have previously. This is a sign that there is extra water in the area and that there might be a busted pipe.

The last thing you might notice is that there are more rodents than normal. Rodents are going to look for the source of the leak and they are going to use that water to live. This is something that you are not going to notice until there are tons of rodents that are overrunning your home.

How Do I Know If I Have a Broken Sewer Line?

These are a few ways that you can determine if you have a broken or damaged sewer line. A broken sewer line can cause so much damage and can ruin homes. If you feel that there is any issue with your sewer system, you should contact a plumber immediately. They are going to be able to help you get your sewer line back in great shape and help you prevent any major issues.  

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